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Warmth and Humidity Will Return to the Northeast

August 28, 2014; 7:38 AM ET

Thursday morning

The video shows the basic forecast for the Great Lakes and Northeast for the Labor Day weekend. Warm, humid air will spread northeastward tomorrow night and Saturday, then stay into next week. Groups and lines of thunderstorms will form in the Midwest, but they should tend to weaken as they approach the East Coast. There could be a severe outbreak in the Iowa-Wisconsin-Illinois area Sunday. See comments about this on Twitter from @HenryMargusity.

Yesterday, the temperature hit 92 at Newark, New Jersey, and 90 in Boston. The following map shows a northerly flow affecting the Northeast today, and so it will be noticeably cooler and less humid.

The shrimp and petroleum festival is underway in Morgan City Louisiana. Shrimp and petroleum: that's an interesting combination. I hope it doesn't mean they eat greasy shrimp. They celebrate both because those are the high octane industries of the state.

What about our weather in the Northeast corridor? Today will be mostly sunny and pleasant, which is great if you are planning an outdoor o cajun. The problem for forecasters this weekend: a weakening storm from the western states will send in more humid air, but whether or not we get any thunderstorms make it into the I95 corridor remains to be seen. So, the forecast is not so shrimple. The challenge is that these kinds of airmasses can become volatile and this could put some showers in the pipeline. Farther west, moisture could increase from the Ohio Valley into the western part of the Quaker State on Saturday. So yes, a wildcat shower could turn into a gusher here and there, but for many the weekend will be like hitting a dry hole.

Looking ahead to next week, it would be nice to refine the forecast by saying exactly when and how much it will rain, but that is shrimply not possible. I know that sounds a little crude. But we have to face the fact we are but prawns in nature's vast reserves. You know the famous slogan: he or she who pumps up only his or her shellfish views is just fueling him or herself.

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