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  • Snowy Weatherpersons Day in the biggest Northeast cities

    February 5, 2016; 10:58 AM ET

    ...speculation about a snowstorm Monday or Tuesday, and one is still possible. However, timing and placement remain elusive. This map shows the GFS ensemble mean "solution" for Tuesday morning showing snow just off the New England coast. Watch this story evolve on accuweather.com all weekend.

  • Rain spreads through the Northeast; More chill on the way

    February 3, 2016; 10:10 AM ET

    As we look father out this month, it looks cold for the Great Lakes and Northeast (as well as deep into the South) in the middle of next week but milder the following week. This map, for next Wednesday, shows a cold flow from way north in Canada.

  • Snow showers Friday, but mild by Monday

    January 28, 2016; 11:02 AM ET

    A less prominent but strengthening band of snow showers was moving southeast across Wisconsin. That feature is the one that would cause snow showers tomorrow morning in the Northeast Corridor.

  • Northeast on Sunday: last minute January thaw

    January 27, 2016; 9:52 AM ET

    On Friday, a northwesterly flow of cold air heads across the Great Lakes and into the the Northeast. By Sunday afternoon, the flow shifts dramatically to send milder air from the southern Plains toward the Northeast.

  • Northeast: No big storms for at least a little while

    January 26, 2016; 9:59 AM ET

    Cleanup continues in the DC to NYC corridor and other places buried by the Blizzard of '16. There are some weak low pressure areas and fronts that are will come across the Great Lakes and Northeast for the rest of the week, no big storms are likely this week.

  • Weather to aid in recovery from the Blizzard of 2016

    January 25, 2016; 9:51 AM ET

    This map shows the GFS ensemble mean pattern predicted for this coming Thursday night. It shows the potent looking storm off the East Coast. This solution would say the storm misses the I-95 corridor.

  • Blizzard blasts DC to NYC corridor

    January 23, 2016; 12:25 PM ET

    In the southern part of the storm, ice toppled trees, cut wires and left hundreds of thousands of people without power from Kentucky to North Carolina. Snow was seen at Savannah, Georgia, and midday wind chills were near freezing at Orlando, Florida.

  • Virginia to New Jersey: Blizzard warning

    January 22, 2016; 11:05 AM ET

    This run extended the snow a little farther north than its predecessor, but it has been pretty consistent for the last few days. One model that has been much different is the NAM. It would have heavy snow...

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