Weather Blogs

  • Queen Annes Lace by the Bay in Oregon

    July 24, 2014; 7:13 PM

    Queen Annes Lace by Winchester Bay in Oregon taken by "BigSandyKnoll" on July 24, 2014. Upload to to qualify!

  • Another Cool Shot Coming, More Storms Lead It South

    July 24, 2014; 6:45 PM

    One front moving in is causing some rough weather in the Southeast today. Look for more big storms as another cool front moves in early next week, leading more unusual cool south.

  • Northeast: Sunshine Then Thunder This Weekend

    July 24, 2014; 6:53 AM

    It does look warmer for the weekend, but every time the warm air tries to extend into New England it gets chopped down. There could be more showers at times Sunday and early next week as forest we can tell. If any forecast gives you a headache, why not take a friend's advice: Take two aspen; sequoia in the morning.