Weather Blogs

  • Low Country Lightning in South Carolina

    August 01, 2014; 8:46 PM

    Low Country Lightning in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, taken by "Sshinesc" on 8/1/14. Upload to to qualify!

  • Northeast: Expect Showers but Also Dry Times This Weekend

    August 01, 2014; 7:29 AM

    That moisture may move away for the afternoon, but thunderstorms will erupt farther west where morning and midday sunshine adds fuel to growing cumulus clouds. This forecast map from the main U.S. model suggests little or no rain in the I-95 corridor from Maryland to Maine tomorrow afternoon.

  • Driving Along Smith River

    July 31, 2014; 3:48 PM

    Driving along Smith River in Reedsport, Oregon, by "BigSandyKnoll" on July 29, 2014. Upload to to qualify!