Weather Blogs

  • Sunlit Chicago Skyline in the Distance

    April 27, 2015; 4:27 PM ET

    Sunlit Chicago Skyline in Beverly Shores, Indiana, by "cloudspin" on April 23, 2015. Upload to to qualify!

  • Stormy Weather Largely Shunted South This Week

    April 27, 2015; 11:28 AM ET

    The upper-level low in New Mexico that sparked all of the severe weather in Texas Sunday will roll slowly eastward, spreading rain and strong to severe thunderstorms out ahead of it the next 24 to 48 hours.

  • Cool and Damp Then Brighter and Milder

    April 27, 2015; 10:10 AM ET

    This map shows the pressure pattern at 9 a.m. ET. As the high moves closer and the storm moves farther away tomorrow and Wednesday, there should be an increase in sunshine with milder afternoons.

  • Sunshine at Oregon Dunes Nat'l Recreation Area

    April 26, 2015; 9:14 PM ET

    Sunshine at Oregen Dunes Nat'l Recreation Area, Winchester Bay, Oregon by "BigSandyKnoll" on April 25, 2015. Upload to to qualify!