Weather Blogs

  • Milder and Mellow for a Time

    November 28, 2014; 2:42 PM ET

    While we were in a cold and snowy weather pattern, the flip-flopping of the weather pattern is what we expected to see this winter with shots of cold followed by shots of warmth.

  • Nature at Its Best in Florida

    November 28, 2014; 5:17 PM ET

    Nature at Its Best in University Park, Florida, by "Sparkerson" on Nov. 26, 2014. Upload to to qualify!

  • Storm-Free in the Northeast Most of the Holiday Weekend

    November 27, 2014; 8:10 AM ET

    This map courtesy of @WeatherNut27 shows the distribution of the heaviest snow from yesterday's storm. No big storms are likely in any of these areas during the rest of the holiday weekend.

  • Night Falls in New Jersey

    November 26, 2014; 3:57 PM ET

    Night Falls in Franklin Park, New Jersey, by "bird11" on Nov. 25, 2014. Upload to to qualify!