Weather Blogs

  • White and Pink Tree Blossoms Full Bloom in NJ

    April 20, 2015; 4:14 PM ET

    White and Pink Tree Blossoms at Veterans Park, Hamilton, New Jersey, by "bird11" on April 19, 2015. Upload to to qualify!

  • Cooler Air About to Take Over in Much of the Nation

    April 20, 2015; 11:17 AM ET

    A cold front is moving across the Great Lakes, the Ohio and Tennessee valleys and the Deep South today. Behind it, much cooler air will move in and stay for a spell from the northern Plains to the East Coast.

  • Violent Thunderstorms Threaten Mid-Atlantic PM and Evening

    April 20, 2015; 10:38 AM ET

    This year, the "slight" category has been divided in two: slight and enhanced. When seen together on an SPC map, the progression makes sense. When the term "enhanced" is used alone, it can be a challenge, at least until we get used to it.

  • Northeast: Rainy Monday, then Cool to Chilly Most of the Week

    April 20, 2015; 9:21 AM ET

    This map shows the pressure analysis and locations of fronts and low pressure areas at 9 a.m. EDT today. Places from Philadelphia northeastward will only warm up if and when the warm front in Delaware passes any given spot. Chill air follows the front in Indiana.

  • Less Active Week Ahead

    April 19, 2015; 8:00 PM ET

    Although not entirely quiet, this week won't be as active nor wet as last week was. Thank goodness!

  • Brilliant Blossoms in Philadelphia

    April 19, 2015; 7:26 PM ET

    Brilliant Blossoms in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by "Elaine Griffin" on April 11, 2015. Upload to to qualify!