Weather Blogs

  • Broiling heat for some, heat relief for others

    July 26, 2016; 12:00 AM ET

    After a brief respite for parts of Texas and Oklahoma, the heat will rebuild later this week into this weekend. Fronts pushing into the Southeast will give relief for some, but only so far south. The tropical Atlantic remains quiet, the East Pacific busy.

  • Stormy Eastham sunset

    July 25, 2016; 11:18 PM ET

    Stormy Eastham sunset by "Nick9006" on July 23, 2016. Upload to to qualify!

  • South Carolina sunset

    July 24, 2016; 9:48 PM ET

    South Carolina sunset by "gypsy1985" on July 17, 2016. Upload to to qualify!

  • Weekend astronomy viewing guide

    July 22, 2016; 4:11 PM ET

    Summer nights are the perfect time to be outdoors. Here are a few ideas for your night sky viewing this weekend. If clouds block your view, chances are you will have a cool lightning show instead!