Weather Blogs

  • Geese Enjoying a New Jersey Sunset

    July 7, 2015; 3:56 PM ET

    Geese Enjoying a New Jersey Sunset by "elizabethbran" on July 6, 2015. Upload to to qualify!

  • Showers and Thunderstorms Move East From Great Lakes

    July 7, 2015; 9:35 AM ET

    you can see clear skies out ahead of the cold front that is causing showers and thunderstorms from Michigan to Missouri. The resulting heating will add fuel for developing thunderstorms ahead of the front this afternoon. The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center highlights this in its outlook

  • Smoky Vancouver

    July 6, 2015; 6:06 PM ET

    Strong thunderstorms for parts of Ontario Tuesday afternoon and a look at the overall weather pattern across Canada and the U.S. for this week.

  • Sunset Beyond the Mountains in Iran

    July 6, 2015; 4:57 PM ET

    Sunset beyond the mountains in Iran by "drmsaeedi" on July 3, 2015. Upload to to qualify!