Weather Blogs

  • Rainbow in Maryland

    July 23, 2016; 9:41 PM ET

    Rainbow in Maryland by "DJM" on July 16, 2016. Upload to to qualify!

  • Weekend astronomy viewing guide

    July 22, 2016; 4:11 PM ET

    Summer nights are the perfect time to be outdoors. Here are a few ideas for your night sky viewing this weekend. If clouds block your view, chances are you will have a cool lightning show instead!

  • Heat and humidity holds in the Northeast through weekend

    July 22, 2016; 10:47 AM ET

    Thunderstorms will continue to erupt near the northern edge of the heatwave, enhanced by a series of disturbances rippling along in the upper air flow. This is the NWS Storm Prediction Center's severe thunderstorm outlook for today

  • Hot this weekend, hot next week for most, too

    July 22, 2016; 12:30 AM ET

    For most of the South, there will be no real break from the intense heat for the next week. A few areas, such as Florida, the Gulf Coast and South Texas will see more typical summer heat. Also, a front will affect a part of the Southeast with thunderstorms and slightly cooler air next week.

  • New York moon

    July 21, 2016; 9:55 PM ET

    New York moon by "theview" on July 18, 2016. Upload to to qualify!