Weather Blogs

  • Clouds during sunset in Ohio

    May 2, 2016; 11:04 PM ET

    Clouds during sunset in Dayton, Ohio, by "A.K.Entingh" April 26, 2016. Upload to to qualify!

  • More wet weather and clouds for the Northeast this week

    May 2, 2016; 9:16 AM ET

    As the second low pressure area develops off the East coast, it will work in concert with a high pressure area from Canada to orchestrate cooler-than-usual conditions with showers in the Middle and North Atlantic states Thursday.

  • Spring snow in Wyoming

    May 1, 2016; 11:34 PM ET

    Spring snow in Wyoming by "mikeyg733" on 4/30/2016. Upload to to qualify!

  • Weekly long-range update

    April 29, 2016; 8:31 AM ET

    Warmth in the West next week while cool hangs out in the East, but it won't last.