Weather Blogs

  • Stormy Setup For A While

    April 1, 2015; 9:30 PM ET

    The weather pattern will be conducive to springtime thunderstorms over a lot of the South through next week. That means our severe weather season is getting underway in earnest!

  • Last March Sunset in Winchester Bay, Oregon

    April 1, 2015; 3:27 PM ET

    The last Pacific coast sunset of March 2015 in Winchester Bay, Oregon, by "BigSandyKnoll" on March 31, 2015. Upload to to qualify!

  • Looking Back at the Massive Eruption of Mt. Tambora 200 Years Ago

    April 1, 2015; 10:43 AM ET

    April 10th, 2015 will be the 200th anniversary of the eruption of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia. This massive volcanic eruption left over 60,000 dead and triggered a year without a summer in 1816 over a large portion of the Northern Hemisphere.

  • Warmup for the Northeast

    April 1, 2015; 8:02 AM ET

    The storm that brought wet snow from the middle of Pennsylvania to northern New Jersey Tuesday has departed. Warmer air from the southwest will bring a real sense of spring to these areas tomorrow and Friday. The picture shows the sharp line separating snow cover and bare ground early this morning.