Weather Blogs

  • Winter Losing Its Grip

    March 5, 2015; 7:45 PM ET

    Major pattern change starting next week will allow milder air to spread east.

  • Emerging From the Depths of Endless Winter

    March 6, 2015; 9:55 AM ET

    Snowy scenes capture attention in many states this morning. The extreme cold is about to leave and the early spring melt will change landscapes remarkably during the next month. I took this picture about 3 miles northeast of Stormstown, Pennsylvania.

  • Connecticut Snowed in Again

    March 5, 2015; 7:42 PM ET

    Upload to to qualify! Heavy snow and ice adorn a rose bush in Stamford, Connecticut, March 5, 2015.

  • Latest Forecast

    March 5, 2015; 11:19 AM ET

    As the snow exits the East Coast tonight, extreme cold follows one more time. It will begin to ease this weekend, with a mild spell likely during the middle of next week.

  • Snowstorm Today; Very Cold Tomorrow, Then Less Cold

    March 5, 2015; 10:22 AM ET

    This map shows the pressure pattern as it was early this morning. The low pressure center in western North Carolina will move out to sea tonight and the snow now falling farther to its north will collapse southward.

  • Winter Losing Its Grip

    March 5, 2015; 8:40 AM ET

    Major pattern change starting next week will allow milder air to spread east....

  • Oregon Coast Sunset

    March 4, 2015; 3:17 PM ET

    Sunset into the Pacific at Shore Acres State Park near Charleston, Oregon, by "BigSandyKnoll" 3/2/15. Upload to to qualify!

  • Hope Just Over the Horizon for Milder Weather

    March 4, 2015; 11:05 AM ET

    After the storminess of the next 36 hours, and the extreme cold that immediately follows, the cold will ease this weekend, with a promise of milder weather next week.

  • Rain, Ice, Snow, Severe Cold

    March 3, 2015; 9:15 PM ET

    A cold front pushing into the South will cause snow and ice along with some severe cold. Current warmth ahead of the front will hold on in parts of Florida, though.

  • Hubble Mania!

    March 3, 2015; 7:42 AM ET

    Hubble Mania is back for its second year! We’re pitting some of Hubble’s best images against each other in a single-elimination bracket.