Weather Blogs

  • More Record Warmth from NOAA

    September 19, 2014; 12:17 AM ET

    A second temperature data set also shows that August 2014 was the warmest on record globally.

  • Sunflowers in Pennsylvania

    September 18, 2014; 2:21 PM ET

    Sunflowers by "SCJudd522" in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, on Sept. 17, 2014. Upload to to qualify!

  • Emerald Waves in Oregon

    September 17, 2014; 3:01 PM ET

    Emerald Waves by "BigSandyKnoll" in Winchester Bay, Oregon, on Sept. 16, 2014. Upload to to qualify!

  • Hurricane Odile Bashes Baja, Threatens SW Flooding

    September 17, 2014; 1:26 PM ET

    A very impressive-looking Category 3 Hurricane Odile slammed into the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico Sunday. Now, a new threat for the Southwest U.S.: major flooding.

  • Arizona: Too Wet; Northeast: Getting Drier

    September 17, 2014; 8:09 AM ET

    In other words, while late summers in Phoenix have gotten wetter during the last few years, Boston has become drier. Is there anything more momentous or general that we can say about this?