Girl, 6, shocked by what she sees after a major snowstorm

By Amanda Schmidt, AccuWeather staff writer
March 15, 2019, 5:16:26 AM EDT

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(Jaeung Lee/Storyful)

A large snowstorm swept through North Dakota over the weekend, dumping numerous inches of snow on the region.

Jay Lee and his daughter, Jiwon, opened their door in Fargo, North Dakota, to a surprise on Sunday, March 10.

When Lee and his daughter tried to take a peep outside the house and open up the side door, it was completely blocked by snow. Once they managed to open the door, Lee captured Jiwon's priceless expression.

Jiwon, who recently turned 6, was shocked as she opened the door and saw a massive pile of snow imprinted with the shape of their door.

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(Jaeung Lee/Storyful)

They tried to have fun with the pile of snow by punching and kicking it.

“My daughter liked it and we laughed,” Lee said to AccuWeather.

They realized they would not be able to use that door, which leads to their backyard. However, they appreciated the situation for what it was and where they were.

“We couldn't even imagine how much snow was piled up behind the snow wall. We were just amazed to see the snow wall,” Lee said.

Lee told AccuWeather days later on Wednesday, March 13, that snow continues to block the door. He suspects that they won't be able to use that door until the snow melts.

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Between Saturday and Sunday, a total of 9.1 inches of snow fell at the nearby airport.

While it is not uncommon for the region to receive snowfall amounts around 10 inches during the winter months, this was one of the region’s biggest snowfall totals this season, according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Courtney Spamer.

Areas in eastern Minnesota received the highest snowfall amounts from this storm with totals of 12 to 15 inches.

As is often the case with bigger snowstorms, the recent snowfall was accompanied by gusty winds as high as 35 mph in the Fargo area.

“This, combined with the powdery snow, led to blowing and drifting, which could bring high snow piles,” Spamer said.

This is likely the reason behind the large pile of snow behind Lee’s door.

“This winter in Fargo was very snowy and cold,” Lee said. “People said it was the worst winter in the past 13 years or so.”

Around 23 inches of snow fell in Fargo between Feb. 10 and March 1. Temperatures remained below freezing throughout the entire time, and most overnight lows were below zero, Spamer said.

Without warmer air to help melt the snow, it’s likely that the snow compounded on roofs and other areas, leading to the collapse of some roofs that were unequipped for these conditions.

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