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This map will tell you exactly when fall foliage will peak this year

By Jessica Plautz
August 27, 2018, 3:58:17 PM EDT

Planning a trip to see the foliage this fall? While you can fairly easily guess the general time to see those yellows, oranges, and reds each year (hint: fall), your timing needs to be impeccable to see peak colors.

If you're in need of some guidance before booking a trip, look no further. has compiled its annual interactive fall foliage map for 2018, offering predictions for when to see peak foliage in every county in the U.S. It's an excellent tool for estimating when to see peak fall foliage in Vermont, when to head to the mountains in Colorado, or when to book that bed and breakfast in New Hampshire.

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“Each year, we use a proprietary algorithm to process millions of data pieces and output accurate predictions for the entire country,” Wes Melton, co-founder and CTO of, told Travel + Leisure.

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Those millions of pieces are then outputted as more than 50,000 pieces of predictive data, Melton says, which are displayed on the interactive map below. “This predictive map is the perfect intersection of our passions and is our favorite project of the year,” said Melton.

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