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    March: A Lion or Lamb?

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    The all familiar phrase is heard around many towns at the start of March is "March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb." There is truth and history to this phrase that is often used by meteorologists to introduce the month that is often characterized by wild weather. Winter's persistent cold and snow is dwindling, but the warm and sunshine with full-fledged spring like temperatures are not quite in sync just yet.

    Meanwhile, the majority of the country will have daytime high temperatures rise at least 10 degrees from the start of the month to the end. Much variation is still possible though during the month of March, from late season snowstorms to beautiful, warm weather.

    As it turns out, the origins of this phrase relate more to astrology rather than meteorology. The lions and lambs of March come from the constellations, Leo the Lion and Aries the ram or lamb. Leo is more prominent in the night sky toward the start of March, while Aries is at the tail end of the month.

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