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Duluth: This is Why You Don't Cross a Flooded Road

June 22, 2012; 9:29 AM ET

The Duluth flooding this week (complete report, photos & videos from | National Weather Service) provided some great examples of why you shouldn't drive across a flooded roadway. Most people think that the reason you shouldn't is because your car could be swept away by less than a foot of water. As I've said before, that's true, but it's also because the road might not be there, under the water, anymore.

The NWS says: "Three-day rainfall amounts of 8 to 10 inches were common across the Minnesota Arrowhead and northwestern Wisconsin from June 17 through June 19. The heavy rain took its toll on the road infrastructure and caused rivers and streams to flood."

"A raging Miller Creek flooded the Lake Superior Zoo, drowning many animals. Two seals were swept from their enclosures, but were returned safely after being found on a local street. The polar bear escaped its exhibit, but was safely returned after being tranquilized by a dart."

'Nuff said? For goodness sakes, Turn Around Don't Drown!

Photos provided by NWS.

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