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  • Big Storm Later Next Week or No Storm?

    January 14, 2015; 12:40 PM ET

    Long-range computer models are hinting at a strong storm later next week, one that could spread snow from the southern Plains to the Northeast. Some models, however, have essentially no storm.

  • An 'Arctic Light' Pattern, Mainly for the Northeast

    January 13, 2015; 11:01 AM ET

    While not as cold as last week, this week remains fairly cold from the northern Plains and Midwest to the Northeast, with a couple of additional arctic pushes coming in the next week.

  • A Relatively Quiet Week in the Dead of Winter

    January 12, 2015; 11:08 AM ET

    We are close to the coldest period on average across the country, and despite the presence of arctic air, there will be surprisingly little winter weather or big storms in the week ahead.

  • Coldest Now, but Not Exactly Balmy Late This Week Into Next Weekend

    January 7, 2015; 11:24 AM ET

    The coldest air mass of the season to date is moving through the northern Plains and Midwest, heading to the South and East tonight and tomorrow. While it will quickly moderate, temperatures are unlikely to surpass normal through the weekend.

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