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Warmer for the Northeast to Start April

March 31, 2014; 10:47 AM ET

Monday Morning

In this video, we see how fine weather visits the Northeast as the weekend storm moves slowly away. But... what comes next?

In the meantime, there has been enough snow, sleet and freezing rain to cause very slippery conditions from southern New Hampshire across central and western Massachusetts, parts of Connecticut, and into the Hudson Valley. Between 6 and 10AM, snow accumulated several incheds and caused very slippery driving and walking conditions in central and western Long Island. This picture was taken at Commack, NY. It was their heaviest snow of the month!

This pressure analysis shows the northerly flow of chilly affecting the East Coast and the southerly flow of warmer air the Tennessee Valley to the Great Lakes. With weather systems moving from west to east, we expect the cold to ease significantly from central New York State to Virginia as warmer air reaches Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis. Tomorrow will be much warmer from DC to Boston. Note the narrowness of the high pressure zone... being hemmed in by the storm to the east and the next storm coming from the west.

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