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Northeaster Developing in the Southeast

November 6, 2012; 10:24 AM ET

Tuesday 11 a.m.

A storm developing in the Southeast will move northeast and strengthen tonight and tomorrow, creating gale -riven rain for beleaguered coastal locations in the Middle and North Atlantic states. This enhanced infrared satellite picture from just before 8:30 a.m. shows the concentration of clouds over the Southeast.

The strongest winds are likely to affect the New Jersey coast tomorrow afternoon and night, and the New England coastal area will get their strongest gales tomorrow night and early Thursday. Though nowhere near as strong or extensive as Sandy was ... and taking a track northeastward instead of straight west... this will be a strong northeaster. This video shows what to expect as the situation unfolds.

On the northwest edge of the precipitation, wet snow is likely. Last night's GFS model suggested that Philadelphia and the northwest suburbs of New York could get their first snow accumulation of the season. Baltimore and parts of the Washington, D.C., area could also get snow with that scenario. This morning's NMM-WRF run was a little warmer, suggesting just rain in the I-95 corridor. However, the morning run of the GFS is colder and snowier looking all the way through Philly. Since there will be wide variations over short distances, I urge you to check our frequently updated stories, forecasts and videos rather than using this report as the final answer.

Regardless of how things turn out with the storm, much milder air is likely to spread toward the Northeast as we go through the coming weekend.

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