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…keep track of active meteor showers, find out when the next solar eclipse will be, see the details of the lunar surface through the lens of a telescope, and much more, with widgets and gadgets that were built with our partners.
Developed by: Lorne Reap
This Windows Vista™ gadget is handy for astronomers and features a NASA Solar Monitor which contains near-realtime and archived information on active regions and solar activity.
*This widget is only compatible with the Windows Vista™ operating system
SOHO Solar Prominence Feed
Developed by: Lorne Reap
This gadget is very useful to people who own and operate "Coranados' Line of Solar Telescope" the last 48 hours of real time feed updated every hour from NASA's SOHO Project.
For Windows Vista™ Only
Antonin-Rukl Lunar Atlas Gadget
Developed by: Lorne Reap
The Antonin-Rukl Lunar Atlas is the standard for the Lunar Observer; it details the lunar surface as seen through the telescope.
For Windows Vista™ Only
Solar Eclipse Calculator
Developed by: Xavier Jubier
This widget computes the local circumstances for any solar eclipses from 1970 to 2039.
For Mac OS X®
Meteor Showers
Developed by: James Constable
Perfect for stargazers and amateur astronomers, this Widget keeps track of eleven of the most spectacular meteor showers visible throughout the year, and notifies you when they are active.
For Yahoo Widgets
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