How AccuWeather's Superior Accuracy assists ServiceMaster Recovery Management on a national scale

By Aimee Morgan, AccuWeather staff writer
December 20, 2016, 3:54:38 PM EST

As the Marketing Director for ServiceMaster Recovery Management, Drew Draisey is always keeping a pulse on the weather.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, ServiceMaster Recovery Management provides disaster restoration services for businesses across the entire United States. Some of the services they provide include fire, smoke & water damage restoration, mold remediation, content restoration and reconstruction services.

ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) has been a client for many years, working with AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions (AES). AES provides SRM a leg up on competitors due to AccuWeather’s advanced weather metrics, giving ServiceMaster Recovery Management the ability to mobilize and stage resources anticipating when their clients will need help.

“AccuWeather plays a factor in giving our customers peace of mind knowing that we’ll be there and resources are in place if something were to happen,” said Draisey.


The total impact varies, explained Draisey. “Weather plays a significant role in our business. Weather is a leading cause of property damage,” said Draisey.

There are important weather variables in this industry, said Draisey.

Some of them include extreme cold and wind chill, where pipes can freeze; wind-driven rain during tropical storms; heavy rain that causes flooding in homes; roof damage from heavy wet snow and structural damage from big snowstorms.

Because of this, coverage is needed on a national scale, which AES provides.

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Draisey is happy to be a partner with AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions.

“A lot of weather sites try to drive traffic to increase views by sensationalizing weather events. A storm of any significance is obviously important to us, but weather sources blow every event out of proportion. Being in the Enterprise Solutions group with you all, we get a more realistic breakdown of what to expect. It’s not falsified or blown out of proportion,” said Draisey.

Draisey said that the “removal of the hype and being accurate is huge.”

According to Draisey, they utilize AES to help with big impact decisions every day.

Draisey said ServiceMaster Recovery Management looks at the mapping within the AES Portal to see what’s going on in the morning in order to understand the current national forecast, along with the impact of any storms.

Some recent successes include Hurricane Matthew and the historic Louisiana flooding in August 2016. ServiceMaster Recovery Management still has boots on the ground, helping in the recovery efforts for both areas.

“We are proud partners with you and we love your services,” added Draisey.

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