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Hurricane season is finally over — Here’s what to know about traveling to the Caribbean

By Melanie Lieberman
December 04, 2017, 5:01:48 PM EST

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Hurricane season

(Photo/Jose Vallecillo/Getty Images)

Hurricane season has finally come to an end, after a series of devastating storms swept across the Atlantic and the Caribbean this year. A quick look at the National Hurricane Center’s forecast shows calm seas in the Atlantic — and severe weather is not expected to churn the waters again until next summer.

By November 30, the official close of the year’s historic hurricane season, there were 13 named storms and five major hurricanes across the Caribbean. September was the most active month for tropical storms in recorded history.

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The recovery has been ongoing. What travelers may not realize, as they consider whether to travel to the Caribbean or not, is that these destinations want visitors to return — and they're working as quickly as they can to restore what everyone loves about them.

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