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Recent Press about Central Pennsylvania Storm Chasing

September 10, 2012; 1:32 PM ET

One thing that is near and dear to my heart is storm chasing and weather photography here in Central Pennsylvania, which, like chasing almost anywhere on the East Coast, has its limitations (as I've said before). If you aren't trying to bag a huge tornado, you can get some great photos of lightning, clouds, and more. I was interviewed earlier this summer by Johnstown Magazine, who published an article in their September 2012 issue:

You can read the entire article as a PDF or text; they used 10 of my best photos, larger versions of which are linked at the bottom of this article. The inset at the end of the PDF explains our arduous (but amusing) two-hour photo-shoot on location at WIX PIX studios in Johnstown:

Ironically, I was also interviewed by the local Cable Access Channel (7) as part of a storm-chasing piece on PSU's "Weather or Not" series, which was broadcast the day before the Johnstown Magazine was released (the clip with me is shown below; the entire piece can be viewed here).

The following are links to larger versions of the photos published in the Johnstown Magazine spread:

(1) - Spruce Creek Lightning October 2010

(2) - Asperatus Clouds 2011

(3) - Lenticular Clouds 2008

(4) - Wave Clouds 2011

(5) - Lenticular Sunset 2010

(6) - Spruce Creek Lightning 2010

(7) - Tornado Dopplergangers 2012

(8) - Wave Clouds 2010

(9) - Moon + Spring Thunderstorm 2012

(10) - The AccuWeather Rainbow 2008

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