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Radar Shots of Inland Hurricane

May 8, 2009; 7:39 PM ET

UPDATE 9/16/2010: This storm has been reclassified as a "Super Derecho."

I'm sure you've heard about what we are calling an "inland hurricane" that ripped through the Midwest Friday (also known as a derecho, a line of intense thunderstorms causing high winds). The storm caused wind reports of over 90 mph in Missouri and over 100 mph in Illinois! Below are radar shots from various stages of the storm from MapSpace™ (formerly known as Enhanced Radar):

Joe Bastardi explains the term in his blog today:

"Between 6 and 10 a.m. the center, full of thunderstorms passed close by to Joplin, Missouri with a 6 mb pressure fall and wind coming hard from all direction with the shift from strong southeast into the northwest with gusts close to 90. It wasn't just a burst and done, but a two-hour period that mimicked the passage of a tropical cyclone! "

On Tuesday he predicted that the weather conditions were right for a "landcane" but it didn't come to fruition... until today.

"The developing area of thunderstorms we see in Oklahoma may develop a very interesting structure, similar to some systems that have been labeled "landcanes" as they develop a strong feedback mechanism that allows increase in rotational speed in the low and mid-levels and the development of anti outflow over the top of these. The radar presentation develops into a spiraling system that can maintain itself for 24-36 hours, or until the combination of cooler air and frictional effects take over. These can develop up to a point if there is enough warm, moist inflow and the correct acceleration into the center or low-level warm, moist air."

The CIMSS blog also has some excellent satellite/lightning shots.

BONUS: Check out this impressive supercell thunderstorm storm cell in Texas tonight:


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