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Gadget Test: Sharx Security Cameras

June 14, 2013; 12:41 PM ET

NOTE: I am on vacation next week and may not have access to this blog. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for updated weather information.

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As AccuWeather's resident Gadget Guy, I'm always on the lookout for new ways to observe the weather. Sharx Security has sponsored a recent upgrade of our statewide AccuCam Weather Camera Network, which includes two of their outdoor cameras, one in Vinco, Pa., (upslope snow capital of the state) and one in York, Pa. In addition, I've installed both the wired and wireless versions of their cameras at my house. (The video below was captured with Infrared night vision at the Vinco location):

These cameras stream live from your home or business and act as both a security camera and a webcam. They can do what most other "IP" or "Network" cameras can't, which is record motion-detection video and stills both on the camera itself (memory card), or on your computer (with their MultiView software), or transfer them to your website. I like to run the Multiview software full-screen to show four streaming cams at the same time (or more, if you have them).

Here's AccuFan Ron Shawley's video review of the outdoor cam:


Reliable: These cameras never crash or disappear off the network, a problem I've had with past cameras.

Night Vision: Sharx security cameras are the only ones that I've tested that can see at night (making moonlight & dim lights brighter, or completely viewing Infrared in the dark).


Advanced Setup: Advanced setup, such as FTP and motion detection, can be hard to setup, but if you have a manual (I did not) you'll probably be fine.

Resolution: The current Sharx cameras run at 640x480 (VGA) resolution, which was the standard for webcams until recently. Many cams have now gone HD, and Sharx is already working on an HD version.

*Disclaimer: Product was supplied for this review, but neither I nor AccuWeather get a cut of sales.

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