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  • A Brief Break From Cold

    February 28, 2015; 12:00 AM ET

    After one more batch of snow mainly in the Plains through Saturday, we will see a nice warmup, but it won't last. Soaking rain, maybe bad thunderstorms, will accompany a sharp cold front next week.

  • A Warmup Is Coming

    February 26, 2015; 8:00 PM ET

    The next 2-3 days will still be cold, but a temporary warmup is coming. Some areas will get pretty toasty. Warmer air surging in will bring other problems, like possible severe weather.

  • Snowstorm!

    February 24, 2015; 9:15 PM ET

    This morning's storm overperformed, could the next storm coming Wednesday night overperform as well? Fro some, maybe. Don't forget a good soaking coming to areas south of the snow.

  • A Little Snow, A Bigger Snow

    February 23, 2015; 9:15 PM ET

    We have two snow and ice events to deal with. One is a smaller one tonight and tomorrow, the second one more substantial for Wednesday night and Thursday.

  • More Harsh Cold And Storms Coming

    February 21, 2015; 1:15 AM ET

    The weather pattern remains favorable to bring cold air into the eastern part of the country, while we will have a storm to deal with every few days.

  • Sooner Or Later, In This Pattern ...

    February 19, 2015; 1:45 AM ET

    ... there's going to be a big snow and/or ice storm in the South. At least, it seems likely to me. Perhaps we escape but there looks to be too much cold air and storms around to miss out.

  • First Harsh Cold, Then Another Storm

    February 17, 2015; 9:00 PM ET

    Some extremely cold air will move into the Southeast tomorrow and tomorrow night. It sets the stage for more ice and snow Friday into Saturday when the next storm system arrives.

  • One After Another

    February 16, 2015; 8:35 PM ET

    Today's winter storm isn't our only opportunity to feed the snow lovers as very cold air will keep coming through next week with storms moving through every 3-4 days.

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