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  • Rain Now, Snow Down The Road?

    January 31, 2015; 7:30 PM ET

    The storm we're dealing with now will pass by to the north, so the South won't see snow from it except in the Appalachians. Maybe it's a different story with the next storm coming late next week.

  • Storm Going North, Few Consequences South

    January 31, 2015; 12:00 AM ET

    A storm coming out of the Southwest will pass north of us, meaning the South mostly sees rain. Rather cold air briefly hits behind it. An interesting situation is setting up for later next week.

  • 2 Small Storms, Then Maybe A Big One

    December 17, 2014; 7:30 PM ET

    Two separate storms will affect the South through Monday then there is a potential big storm to deal with right before Christmas.

  • Some Rain and Even Snow This Weekend

    December 15, 2014; 11:30 PM ET

    The situation is complicated and there is uncertainty but it look as though some good rain and even some snow late this week and this weekend for much of the South.

  • Southern Plains Severe Threat

    December 13, 2014; 10:45 PM ET

    A storm moving into Texas and Oklahoma tomorrow will cause thunderstorms and some may be severe. There is a slight concern for severe weather Tuesday in the lower Mississippi Valley, too.

  • Mostly Quiet, But Some TX Action Sunday

    December 11, 2014; 11:00 PM ET

    While we remain in a relatively tranquil setup, we will have one storm system to deal with starting Sunday and another next week.

  • A Chilly Week, Warming Up Late and This Weekend

    December 7, 2014; 7:00 PM ET

    Storms have consequences beyond their direct impacts. The storm up north this week will direct chilly air into the South and lock it in place for most of the week.

  • Fairly Benign Through Next Week

    December 6, 2014; 7:00 PM ET

    Down South, our weather will be mostly quiet for the next several days while the folks up north get nailed with a big storm and the West gets some welcome rain.

  • KY/TN Soaking, No Severe Cold In Sight

    December 3, 2014; 12:30 AM ET

    A storm coming out of the Pacific will cause a good soaking over parts of the South later this week. Meanwhile, there's no sign of any serious cold heading into the South for a while.

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