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  • Crazy Talk About Erika

    August 28, 2015; 1:30 AM ET

    I'm dedicating all my time today to Erika, who seems to aspire to be the Laurel Thatcher Ulrich of the tropical cyclone world. Hopefully, I seem insightful and not as crazy as I fear I do.

  • A Nice Spell For Now, Erika Could Be A Problem

    August 25, 2015; 12:30 AM ET

    High pressure nosing in will bring nice weather to much of the South for the next few days. Florida stays fairly active, though, and tropical moisture moving in plus possible Erika effects means Florida gets even wetter starting this weekend.

  • Nice Spell For Many, Potential Tropical Troubles Lurk

    August 24, 2015; 10:30 PM ET

    A string of quiet and pleasant days are coming for many. But, an influx of tropical moisture is coming to some areas this weekend and we have to watch a developing system in the Atlantic.

  • Nice Weekend for Some; Watching Danny

    August 21, 2015; 1:00 AM ET

    High pressure nosing into parts of the Southeast will lead to a nice weekend, while typical August heat reigns elsewhere with fairly typical afternoon thunderstorm coverage.

  • Soaking Storms, Tracking Danny

    August 19, 2015; 10:45 PM ET

    More soaking rains will affect parts of the South this week as a front moves into a soupy air mass. Meanwhile, we're following Danny move across the middle of the tropical Atlantic.

  • Front To Cause Severe Storms, Tropics Warming Up

    August 17, 2015; 12:00 AM ET

    A front moving into an increasingly steamy air mass over the South will produce thunderstorms this week and likely some bad ones. We have items of interest in both Pacific and Atlantic basins, too.

  • Normal, Typical, the Usual

    August 14, 2015; 9:00 PM ET

    With the hot air shifting out of the areas west of the Mississippi and areas east moistening up, we're looking at typical August weather for a while. The tropics are starting to look more active, that's normal for this time of year, too.

  • Texas Heat Easing, Southeast To Moisten

    August 13, 2015; 10:30 PM ET

    The heat will get even more tolerable in Texas while some moisture starts to increase through the Mississippi Valley. There are signs of life in the tropical Pacific and perhaps eventually in the Atlantic, too.

  • Death Ridge Shifting, Heat Easing

    August 10, 2015; 9:00 PM ET

    As the upper ridge that is bringing stifling heat to areas west of the Mississippi shifts to the Four Corners, the heat eases. Areas farther east see a spell of nice weather though it looks as though Florida gets wet again.

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