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October Cooler Globally

November 09, 2011; 2:57 PM

Satellite measured temperature anomaly data for the lower troposphere was just released from Remote Sensing Systems.

Too no real surprise, October 2011 trended cooler overall across most of the planet, however, despite the drop off, the global temperature anomaly was still a shade above normal, coming in at +0.089 C.

Overall, October 2011 will go down as the 15th coolest October in the RSS satellite measured record, which began back in 1979.

The RSS anomaly map from Remote Sensing Systems indicates that much of northeast Canada, Europe and central Asia was warmer than normal for October. However, it is clear that widespread cooling over the large Pacific and southern Atlantic were responsible for the overall cooling trend globally.

The RSS image below shows the latest decadal temperature trend for the lower troposphere globally. It is still upward at +0.141 C per decade.

By the way, October 2011 ended up slightly cooler than normal for the continental U.S. with an anomaly reading of -0.078 C.



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