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IPCC Working Group II Report

April 2, 2014; 2:56 PM ET

Part two of the International Panel on Climate Change's most recent assessment report has been published.

The Working Group II report considers the vulnerability and exposure of human and natural systems, the observed impacts and future risks of climate change, and the potential for and limits to adaptation.

A total of 243 lead authors and 66 review editors were involved with the Working Group II.

If you have plenty of time on your hands you can read the entire report right here.

IPCC Working Group Summary video courtesy of YouTube.

Below is a small sampling of some of the key statements in the report that the group has at least very high confidence in........

-Due to sea-level rise throughout the 21st century and beyond, coastal systems and low-lying areas will increasingly experience adverse impacts such as submergence, coastal flooding and coastal erosion.

-Climate change will reduce renewable surface water and groundwater resources significantly in most dry, subtropical regions, exacerbating competition for water.

-The health of human population is sensitive to shifts in weather patterns and other aspects of climate change.

-Many terrestrial plant and animal species have shifted their ranges and seasonal activities in response to past climate change and are doing so now in many regions.

-Negative impacts of climate change on crop and terrestrial food production have been more common than positive impacts.

-Human security will be progressively threatened as the climate changes.

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