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  • Rain aims for the Northeast this weekend

    May 20, 2016; 9:28 AM ET

    Rain will be followed by sunny days in the Ohio Valley and parts of the Appalachians, but it may take two to three days for clouds and the threat of showers to inch east of the Northeast and Middle Atlantic coast early next week.

  • Northeast: Forecasts for weekend rain

    May 18, 2016; 9:35 AM ET

    The area around the Great Lakes may have fine weather with a warming trend right through the coming weekend. The difference in outcomes between the Great Lakes and the Middle Atlantic states is illustrated by these two meteograms.

  • New England keeps sunshine; farther south not so much

    May 10, 2016; 8:48 AM ET

    This satellite picture shows how well the cloudy and clear areas conformed to the upper air flow prediction (which was for a time 6 hours earlier than the time the picture was taken. Clouds over PA had moved farther north in that time.

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