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Showers and Thunderstorms Mark Thermal Boundary

August 20, 2014; 9:38 AM ET

Wednesday morning

Hot air is spreading from the middle of the country toward the western Great Lakes, the Ohio Valley and across the Southeast. However, cooler air is reluctant to leave the Northeast. In the battle zone, there is a loosely organized corridor of clouds, showers and thunderstorms extending from the northern Plains to the upper Ohio Valley. This morning, heavy rain from slow-moving thunderstorms sent streams out of their banks and flooded roadways in eastern Ohio. The reason I said the corridor of showers and thunderstorms was loosely organized is that there are multiple bands. One ran from Iowa to southern Illinois this morning, while another stretched from Lake Erie to West Virginia. This video suggests how things may unfold from today through the weekend.

Looking ahead to late next week, some of the computer models suggest a hurricane could affect areas between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic east of the Bahamas. We are entering the prime part of the Atlantic hurricane season, but at this point there is only one model I am prepared to accept:

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