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    Elliot Abrams

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    Sandy Leaves the Scene

    October 31, 2012; 10:47 AM ET

    Wednesday noon

    In today's video, we look at the weather outlook through the coming weekend and early next week. The weather will generally favorable for the massive restoration and repair efforts now underway in the wake of Sandy. The chill is a challenge for keeping warm when there is no power, yet it is not cold enough to preserve food that could not be kept refrigerated or frozen.

    One interesting feature is a storm that the GFS places along the East coast next Tuesday. Last night's ECMWF also had a storm nearby. Anytime during the colder parts of the year when there is a coastal storm and cold air is nearby, there is concern about snow. Since Tuesday is Election Day, any storminess may be an issue. We'll be watching this with you during the next few days.

    A few people have asked why the storm's winds from the middle of Pennsylvania to the middle of New York state were not as strong as they might have been. This map does not show the root cause of this occurrence, but in the pressure pattern, you can see the greater separation in the isobars in that area compared with the situation around the rest of the storm. This map shows the setup about 6-12 hours after the highest winds had occurred, but the shape was similar then.

    Amazingly, the European model suggested this northward elongation in its forecast 210 hours in advance. It was a little slow on the storm's position but it was still an impressive forecast:

    Randy Adkins, one of our fine meteorologists at AccuWeather, compiled this summary (as of Tuesday night) about Sandy:

    While there were many differences, Sandy was New York City's Katrina.


    ***Andrews AFB, Md.: 15.3" (unconfirmed)

    Easton, Md.: 12.55"

    Wildwood Crest, N.J.: 11.91"

    Georgetown, Del.: 10.20"

    Reedville, Va.: 9.90"

    Salvo, N.C.: 8.09"

    Maysville, W.Va.: 7.75"

    Hanover, Pa.: 7.61"

    Washington, D.C. (5.1 NW) : 5.83"

    Kirtland, Ohio: 5.69"

    Gorham, N.H.: 4.85"

    Whitesville, N.Y.: 4.83"

    North Ashburnham, Mass.: 3.70"

    Woonsocket, R.I.: 1.87"


    Eatons Neck, N.Y.: 94 mph

    Tompkinsville, N.J.: 90 mph

    Westerly, R.I.: 86 mph

    Madison, Conn.: 85 mph

    Cuttyhunk, Mass.: 83 mph

    Allentown, Pa.: 81 mph

    Highland Beach, Md.: 79 mph

    Chester Gap, Va.: 79 mph

    Bath, Maine: 76 mph

    Fort Gratiot: Mich.: 74 mph

    Stowe, Vt.: 72 mph

    Goshen, N.H.: 70 mph

    Cleveland, Ohio (BKL): 67 mph

    Ranson, W.Va.: 65 mph


    Redhouse, Md.: 29.0"

    Davis, W.Va.: 28.0"

    Norton, Va.: 24.0"

    Faust, N.C.: 24"

    Gatlinburg (7SE, in the mountains), Tenn.: 22.0"

    Payne Gap, Ky.: 14.0"

    Champion, Pa.: 13.0"

    Bellefontaine, Ohio: 4.5"

    POWER OUTAGES: 7.4 million

    By comparison, Hurricane Ike had 7.5 million over his entire path.


    39.67 feet (Buoy #41048)


    The Battery, N.Y.: ~9 feet above normal

    Kings Point, N.Y.: ~12.5 feet above normal

    New Haven, Conn.: ~9 feet above normal


    945.5 mb (27.92" Hg) at Atlantic City, N.J.

    The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of AccuWeather, Inc. or AccuWeather.com


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