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Pinnacle of Perspiration, the Summit of Sweat

August 03, 2012; 7:12 AM

Friday 10 a.m.

Steamy, sultry air is in place from southern New England and the Middle Atlantic states through the Ohio Valley and southern parts of Wisconsin and Michigan. The air mass is destabilizing a bit in New York and Pennsylvania today, and some models predict that thunderstorms will break out. This can happen again tomorrow afternoon. In some situations, the location of one day's storms can give hints for the next day. Thunderstorm rain cools the ground and the outflow from each storm reaches a certain point before stalling. The boundaries set up in this manner can serve as the starting locations for storms the next day.

A cold front advancing eastward from the northern Plains will come through the Northeast late Sunday and Sunday night. It may trigger violent thunderstorms, so it would be a good idea to keep track of any storms on your mobile device to see if there is an immediate threat at your location. Tropical Storm Ernesto does not look like it will have any direct effect on the Northeast. Here is today's video:

This pressure analysis shows a frontal boundary extending from north of Lake Ontario to southeastern Wisconsin. Some showers have formed near that boundary this morning. The front will move southeast through New England this afternoon and cause some thunderstorms. The front will move back north tomorrow.

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