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Heat Wave All Week

July 15, 2013; 5:34 AM ET

Monday 8 AM

The national weather map is much simpler than usual. There are just two main pressure centers: a high pressure area centered near the Pennsylvania - West Virginia border, and a low pressure centered at the California - Arizona border. The low pressure area in the Southwest is there much of the summer. The high in the Northeast will bring the longest period of hot weather so far this summer to the northeastern third of the country. This video has more.

This pressure map shows the high pressure area that is sponsoring this week's sunny, hot and humid weather.

With more hot weather still to come... and no sign of a break this week, it might be soothing to express the forecast in cool weather terms. So, chill out and let's see what's going to happen. The cold fact is there's no immediate end to the heat wave. Cold fronts moving across Canada are on ice for the time being because of a high pressure area frozen in place in the East.

When you consider how long the heat will last, we've only seen the tip of the iceberg so far. Air conditions are right for a few stray thunderstorms to crystalize during the next few days, but it's no definite thing, if you get my drift. My suggestion would be to stay by the cool pool or maybe sip on some slush or water ice. Hopefully, the upcoming weather won't throw cold water on your plans.

So, this week, the I-95 corridor from Virginia to New Jersey faces the furnace fires of grandiose grilling, the super searing, intensely igneous, fiercely firing and flaring, brazenly broiling pinnacle of perspiration... the summit of sweat and a surfeit of sultriness that is certainly sweltering. The intense insolation, braising and baking, sears the sidewalks and simmers the streets. It is just that simple.

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