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Heartwarming Trend

February 13, 2012; 7:56 AM ET

Monday 9 a.m.

In this video, we look at the general warming trend that will affect the Northeast this week. Realizing the anguish among the snow-hopeful (especially after what didn't happen in southeastern New England on Saturday), I have included a map that suggests a snowstorm is possible. However, since the forecast is for an event 12 days away, we'll wait and see, right?

On this morning's satellite pictures, we see an extensive area of cloudiness in the middle of the country. If there was a high pressure area over New England, we would be very concerned about an area of snow and ice affecting a large part of the region later tomorrow and tomorrow night. However, the high pressure area is over the Southeast, and the upper-air support for the existing is forecast to weaken. This is why we are expecting only spotty and mainly light snow from the lower Great Lakes to inland areas of the Middle Atlantic states. From D.C. to NYC, we mention showers that could include some wet snow... but with little chance for any accumulation.

Now, a few thoughts about Valentine's Day...

On Valentine's Day, the subjects of happiness, love and romance sweep us away. Of course, we all love different kinds of weather. In the winter, the pristine sparkle of freshly fallen snow with the distant low sun glimmering through the barren branches has a special charm.

The summer has its lofty cumulus. Warm evening breezes and flashes of heat lightning off in the distance enter the memory as a backdrop to times spent with those close to us. And, there's autumn, with a latticework of fog lacing the dawn, then the dazzling spectacle of color splashing through the trees.

Then, there's springtime, its image a delight etched in the memory. The brilliant vista of golden flowers, shimmering emerald trees with golden dapples of sunlight, pastel blue skies and the carefree breeze share the stage with a captivating warmth that grabs hold and tells us to love life. Those finding new love will see their companion's sunlit face and know it matches the outdoor scene exquisitely. Friends with memories of many springs will feel a happiness familiar as in days gone by.

Our lives represent all the seasons: squalls of anger, thundery rebuke, showers of compliments, the wet blanket of shattered dreams, the ecstasy of summer warmth.

On Valentine's Day, thoughts of love and happiness well up in our thoughts at once. All the hopes and dreams that lie dormant, all the love and warmth we keep hidden for special times and special people will pour out in a starburst of happiness.

We make this journey every year, and somehow despite the usual elements outside around this time, we gain an uplifting spirit that makes us cling warmly to life and seek out more.

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