Events are Blooming All Over

By Maria King
3/4/2013 11:09:43 AM

This week we head into spring with a selection of flower shows. It is still a few weeks away for official spring but it seems like the cloak of winter is getting ready to come off. Flowers are an excellent way to bring a little "spring" into one's mood and that explains why so many are taking place right now.

This week, two shows get my "special mention" and they are the Philadelphia Flower Show and the Longwood Gardens Orchid Extravaganza. Exquisite is a word that comes to mind when you see the flowers at these shows. They take your breath away with the landscape designs, color combinations and amazing varieties. You will see flowers you never even knew existed in colors you will never see anywhere else on earth. This is not just a "girl" thing (I haven't been called a girl in about 100 years so I know of what I speak). These shows are an appreciation of beauty and that knows absolutely no gender boundaries.

The remaining shows are all orchid shows. I must admit that I have a special place in my heart for orchids because I have fond memories of them. But I chose them because I thought that I might try showcasing all the same event, taking place at various locales throughout the U.S. this week. Flowers are a universal theme. I fear that in this fast-paced electronic world we live in, we just don't take enough time to stop and smell the orchids (I know it's actually "roses" in the expression, but I need a little license here since there weren't any rose shows this week). As always, I list here events that I think are interesting taking place all over the U.S. For events in your backyard, please use the search box. Grab a friend, buddy, significant other or just someone else who likes flowers and get yourself out to a sweet smelling event this week.

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