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    8 Ways to Use Oranges

    By By Kristin Donnelly
    January 15, 2014, 2:44:26 AM EST

    Oranges are a traditional holiday food gift, and they’re certainly a wonderful bit of sunshine for anyone heading into the coldest part of the year. Here, eight ways to cook with them.


    1. Salad. Oranges are fantastic in winter salads. For a Moroccan version, toss them with carrots, dates and a spiced dressing. Go Latin with avocado, jicama and cilantro salad. Or try a California take with fennel, mint and lemon-honey dressing.

    2. Punch. To use up lots of oranges at once, make a cinnamon-spiced citrus punch.

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    3. Syrup. Simmer equal parts of fresh orange juice, water and sugar until thick to make a syrup for adding to seltzer; or drizzle the mixture over pancakes, as chef April Bloomfield does.

    4. Marmalade. Turn extra oranges into marmalade. Here, oranges and lemons make a sweet-tart version.

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