Severe Weather Alerts - Treeton, South Yorkshire

  • Yellow Warning for Wind

    Yellow Warning for Wind in effect from 7:00 AM GMT until 8:00 PM GMT. Source: Met Office National Severe Weather Warnings

A blustery weekend is expected across much of the UK but particularly on Sunday across Northern Ireland, Wales, England and parts of southern Scotland, where severe gales are expected to affect some areas. Inland gusts of 50 to 60 mph could occur, perhaps most likely across western areas together with parts of northern England. Gusts around western coasts could locally reach around 70 mph, this most likely in coastal areas of north Wales, northwest England and Dumfries and Galloway.

This is an update to the warning originally issued on Friday to cover the weekend, drawing out the likelihood of stronger gusts on Sunday.

Please be aware of the potential for disruption due to the gales and severe gales.

A further low pressure system will enter its deepening phase as it runs quickly eastwards across southern Scotland on Sunday, leading to a further swathe of very strong winds on its southern flank. There is quite likely to be a core of stronger winds immediately south of the low pressure track which, on current expectations, would be most likely to affect areas around the northern part of the Irish Sea.

Strongest winds would reach Northern Ireland around dawn, and most areas by the end of the morning,
before gradually subsiding from the west during the afternoon and evening.

There remains some uncertainty with the track of this low and the precise wind speeds and areas to be affected, with a further update likely on Sunday morning.
The public is advised to take extra care, further information and advice can be found here: