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Making a Climate Model


May 8, 2014; 5:00 AM ET Just like any computer model, climate models are far from perfect, but they are still very useful. Ever wonder how they are made? Valerie Smock and Brett Anderson help explain.

Potential for Tropical Development


Aug 20, 2014; 11:54 PM ET Storms have been forming in the Atlantic but dry, dusty air and wind shear inhibiting storms but some development is possible as the week progresses.

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Global climate change is a matter of intense concern and public importance. There can be little doubt that human beings influence the world's climate. At the same time, our knowledge of the extent, progress, mechanisms and results of global climate change is still incomplete. New data are becoming available every day - from tree rings to deep sea samples, ice cores, glacial changes and climatological models - while the greatest minds all over the world are working to better understand climate change and its impact on life on earth.

Scientific understanding emerges through full consideration of relevant data, appropriate debate and the application of the scientific method. Thus, we urge all scientists and members of the public to engage in the global climate change discussion, including's experts. We encourage our scientists to express their personal views without the constraint of a corporate position they must follow. We are pleased to offer a major forum on for the wide-ranging consideration of this topic.

In the Global Climate Change Center, you will find links to the latest research, commentary by experts with various points of view on all aspects of climate change, and a forum for you to share your own thoughts, ask questions, and interact with the best scientific minds and knowledge in this area. From time to time, we may post questions about climate change for general consideration and to further stimulate debate. We welcome your contributions to the discussion.


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