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Flooded fields

New flood dangers emerge in south-central US as areas to the north face 'slow grind' of a recovery

April 18, 2019, 11:30:14 AM EDT

There is good news and bad news for flooding concerns and spring planting over the central United States in the coming weeks, according to meteorologists. More

FOX 2 Detroit Headlines

WATCH: Quinn 'the draft is a blend of need and best available' and much more

Lions' General Manager Bob Quinn held his pre-draft press conference on Thursday as they prepare for the NFL Draft and the number eight pick next week.

#Lions Quinn "it's good to see those guys" on the players being back, he also thanks his scouts "it's a long exhaustive process that takes everybody in this building...this is really a group effort." … More

Lakeshore Flood Advisory More

Bride-to-be nixes engagement shoot, takes photos with terminally-ill father instead More

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