AccuWeather’s StormDirector+ Revolutionizes Local Severe Weather Presentations, Revealed Today at NAB 2017

April 24, 2017; 9:54 AM

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AccuWeather invites show attendees to come by and compare, with live demonstrations at NAB Booth #SL6816.

AccuWeather Global Headquarters - April 24, 2017 -- AccuWeather, the global leader in weather information and digital media, today announced new advancements in StormDirector+®, the industry-leading interactive weather system that will transform and revolutionize local weather presentations, demonstrated at the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show at booth #SL6816. StormDirector+ has taken the best interactive capabilities of AccuWeather's unique StoryTeller® and combined them with the best data and weather presentation capabilities. This unprecedented combination sets StormDirector+ apart from its competitors.

The innovations and expanded versatility of StormDirector+ demonstrated live at NAB 2017 will allow users to create interactive weather presentations that adapt quickly and easily to changing weather conditions, develop customized alerts for conditions beyond severe weather, provide web and mobile page content creation right at their fingertips, and much more. StormDirector+ differentiates itself through actionable and unique data with precise, up-to-date weather information allowing users to create impactful, sophisticated weather presentations, positioning stations well above the competition.

StormDirector+ supports multiple high-definition weather scenes to run live simultaneously and allows on-air talent to quickly access each with a single touch, easily switching between weather scenes. On-air talent can immediately and effortlessly interact with changing weather live on-air. Users can also access real-time weather warnings as they appear and, with a single touch, dive deeper into more detailed severe weather information like no other weather system.

New enhancements to severe weather tracking include KML data, high-resolution GOES-16 satellite, single-site radar, lightning data, severe weather velocity data, and severe weather watches and warnings with the most accurate, most comprehensive weather data available. New StormDirector+ features also include Immersive Weather, time lapse, wind stream, social media integration, and interactive video blogger capabilities. These innovations empower users to create new and changing weather presentations simply and quickly, making engaging weather presentations that are easy for today's digital-savvy modern audience to understand, winning in their markets.

StormDirector+ significantly advances all aspects of weather presentations for local television stations. Features to be demonstrated at NAB 2017 include:

• Fast, easy-to-use, and unique template-driven scenes and weather presentation tools, providing the cornerstone for the most interactive weather presentations from every day coverage to severe breaking weather.

• Stunning, high-definition quality videos, utilizing multiple inputs to deliver 6 simultaneous videos live on the air.

• Immersive Weather - Hyper-realistic 3D views of forecasts exclusively available from AccuWeather, integrating high-resolution mapping and buildings, detailed weather conditions, interactive touchscreen controls, and more to deliver the most impactful, modern weather presentations that appeal to digital-savvy viewers.

• Critical functionality and precise weather datasets including high-resolution GOES-R satellite, single-site radar reflectivity, and wind stream and velocity data to identify and pinpoint and illustrate severe weather in advance of the storm.

• Expanded, diverse presentation formats based on rapidly-changing weather conditions to keep content current, fresh, and engaging for viewers.

• Real-time social media integration to engage viewers in two-way conversations by featuring social media updates as severe weather strikes.

Come by and Compare, experiencing the difference of StormDirector+ at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show booth #SL6816.

To schedule an executive interview and live demo with AccuWeather Founder, Chairman and President Dr. Joel N. Myers, Vice President of Display Systems and Services Ryan Ayres, or Director of Product Development, Display Systems and Services Bill Boss, contact Justin Roberti at 814-235-8756 or

About StormDirector+ and StoryTeller

AccuWeather is a global leader in digital media, developing award-winning AccuWeather applications and partnering with all major manufacturers of mobile devices, serving over 24 billion data requests every day. AccuWeather has applied this digital expertise to develop StormDirector+ and StoryTeller Interactive Touchscreen Solution, the only solutions of their kind that bring all aspects of each presentation to life in the most compelling, interactive, and engaging ways. Interactive content available on StoryTeller includes weather with Superior Accuracy from AccuWeather, live polling, sports, social media, traffic, crime, special events, and more. StoryTeller Touchscreen Solution is used in newsrooms across North America, including 14 of the top 15 U.S. markets. A global solution, StoryTeller is also used worldwide including China, Belgium, Nigeria, South America, Netherlands, Mexico, and the Caribbean. StoryTeller has a global audience reach of over 100 million U.S. viewers and more than 300 million worldwide.

Visit for additional information.

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