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    5 tips to controlling moss in your lawn

    By Kyle Larson
    March 27, 2017, 3:11:20 PM EDT

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    If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you are all too familiar with the annual battle to control moss in your lawn. The long periods of cool damp weather that the area is known for sets up the perfect climate for moss development. It is generally a problem in the spring, but it can persist and grow throughout the remainder of the year if environmental conditions are conductive for its growth.

    Moss can be a problem throughout the US, not just in Washington or Oregon. Here are 5 best practices that will reduce moss growth in your lawn:

    Eliminate shade

    One of the best ways to control moss is to improve the amount of sun that reaches the turf. Consider pruning trees and shrubs to increase sunlight penetration.

    Improve drainage

    This can be accomplished by adding a bioswale or a rain garden to catch stormwater runoff.

    Water deeply and infrequently

    Over watering is a great way to increase moss growth as well as several types of algae. Allow your lawn to dry out before applying any more water.

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