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These are the last photos NASA's Opportunity Rover took on Mars

By Mike Wall
March 14, 2019, 2:23:05 PM EDT

A set of newly released photos shows what NASA's Mars rover Opportunitywas looking at just before the killer dust storm hit.

That storm boiled up in May 2018 and engulfed Opportunity shortly thereafter. The solar-powered robot couldn't get enough sunlight to recharge its batteries, and it went silent on June 10. NASA tried gamely to revive the long-lived Oppy but had no luck, finally declaring the rover dead last month.

mars last photo

This annotated image is a cropped version of the last 360-degree panorama taken by the Opportunity rover's Pancam from May 13 through June 10, 2018. This annotated view is presented in false color to make some differences between materials easier to see. (Image: © NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/ASU)

As the sky darkened around it last spring, Opportunity snapped many photos of its environs — Perseverance Valley, on the rim of the 14-mile-wide (22 kilometers) Endeavour Crater — using its panoramic camera.

Mission team members have now stitched together 354 of these images, taken from May 13 through June 10, into a gorgeous panorama of the rover's final resting place.

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