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    While it's starting to get chilly outside and you may be tempted to stay indoors, November has one more celestial trick up its sleeve. November 17 marks the peak of the annual Leonid meteor shower. The display is produced from the dust trail of Tempel-Tuttle, a periodic comet that swings around the sun every 33.3 years. It's called the Leonid shower because the meteors appear to roar from all directions out of the constellation of Leo the Lion.
    How to catch the Leonid meteor shower
    Europe viewing 11.16 AM

    Leonid meteor shower to peak this weekend with great viewing conditions from Paris to Munich, Rome

    12 November 2018, 11:52:48 a.m. GMT-5

    One of the most well-known meteor showers of the year is set to peak this weekend as the Leonids will be on full display across Europe. more

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