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9 Years Ago: Reliving Hurricane Charley

August 12, 2013; 2:16 PM

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I wasn't yet blogging for in 2004 (that would happen a year later ahead of Hurricane Katrina), but in researching Hurricane Charley (which made landfall nine years ago today), I came across some interesting resources on old AccuWeather websites, that I want to copy here for posterity.

In summer 2004, I was ensconced in my biggest project: the RadarPlus service. I was able to put the RadarPlus system through the paces by configuring it to display information about the storm, and saved off these images and movies: Vice President Mike Steinberg was in the area on business travel and took these photos of the damage from outside the Days Inn Suites in Kissimmee on Saturday, Aug. 14, 2004. Charley had hit the evening before, knocking down part of a wall of the hotel and causing extensive damage.

I've also created a slideshow of all AccuWeather's colorful, high-resolution (for the time) forecast and news report graphics for the storm, on my WeatherMatrix Facebook Page:

You're also going to want to click to these rarely-seen GIF animations of Hurricane Charley -- the first is a series of 3-D slices through the storm:

You can read NWS-Melbourne's official report on their website (they also have damage photos), and see a collection of storm surge graphs at this link [PDF].

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