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Sunshine Til Sunday, Moist on Monday

April 26, 2013; 6:11 AM ET

Friday 9AM

With a high pressure area settling into the Northeast, fine weather is likely through the weekend. However, as the high pressure center slips off the coast, easterly flow is likely from about New York City south to the Carolinas. At the same, a fairly weak and poorly organized low pressure will move from the southern Plains now to the Carolina coast by early next week. The combination of the low pressure area and the easterly flow could cause moist weather to take over in the area from central and eastern Virginia to New Jersey or perhaps southern New England. Even if the low pressure area moves out to sea, the circulation around the high pressure area could maintain a moist east to southeasterly flow for days.

Venturing deeper into speculative territory, suppose the offshore high pressure area is blocked from moving away. The next trough behind it would then have to slow down. Some computer models show this happening, and suggest the storm could evolve into a strong system that causes a lot of rain. There are some indications the rain could affect the areas hardest hit by recent rain and floods. However, this is at least a week away, so much can change. This video has more.

Today marks the anniversary of the nation's first Arbor Day festivity. It occurred at Nebraska City, Neb., in 1872, and it is believed that Earth Day sprouted and took root as an offshoot of Arbor Day. In our branch of work, people want us to explain the weather without rooting for any one thing. I object. For example, I am not too poplar anywhere when it is damp around this time of year for two, maybe tree days at a time. I can't say we measured my poplarity and graft it, but I do know many people are sycamore damp cool weather. This is especially the case since spring sprouted last month. The idea that spring would stand tall was a complete (h)oaks.

So I say, walnut cheer for sunshine? In that regard, I have good news for yews: the weather pattern is chestnut conducive for much cloudiness until Sunday or Monday. However, the forecast for sunshine in the Middle Atlantic after that may be pine the sky. A storm that started in the Southwest will be linden the Middle Atlantic states a lot of moisture. And, since deciduous asking, it's there is a good chance we are gonna cedar rain at times Monday and Tuesday, though it is too early to say where some heavier rain will be logged. One of our senior listeners asked about the need for rainwear. I said, "Since will be near the locus for storminess, it is a good idea to take it out of the box, elder." Of course, let's face it, this is one of the many tricks that the months of April and Maypull. If all this gives you a headache... Take 2 aspen, sequoia in the morning.

Across central and northern New England, it appears dry weather may still be in the elm. Can we count on that? After all, when the warm air tries to extend into northern New England it can be chopped down. And if a front becomes involved, showers could blossom.

So, there could be more showers at times late next week as forest we can tell. For now we are stumped.

But, it is our beleaf that this weekend you will like being outside. I know a dogwood. It may be a little cool for the beech, but you can take your dog for walk in the bark. What about next weekend? Don't ax.

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