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    World's Most Unusual Schools

    By By Katie Waldeck
    November 29, 2013, 4:39:59 AM EST

    Millions of children across the world are heading back to school soon, and, though most of them will go to a decidedly boring institution, a lucky few will head to one of these fascinating and unique schools. From fascinating locations to unique populations, click through to check out some of the world’s most interesting schools.


    1. Dongzhong Cave School, China.

    Located in one of the poorest areas of China, the Dongzhong cave school was established to provide an education for children who would otherwise not have gone to school at all. Its unique location, in fact, was chosen because the villagers didn’t have the resources to build a school, so they worked with what they had. Sadly, the school was closed by the government in 2011, because, in their words, the country, “is not a society of cavemen.”

    2. Harvey Milk High School, New York City.

    New York is home to plenty of unusual schools, but this one wins points for diversity. The school, established in 1985, aims to serve gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender students in a supportive and safe space. Today, the school enrolls just over 100 students in Manhattan’s East Village.

    3. Burgess Hill School, Hampstead, England.

    What would school be without rules? Well, the students at Burgess Hill School, located in suburban London, certainly found out. The now-shuttered boarding school gave students the freedom to do whatever they wanted — smoke in class, bring their dogs with them everywhere, ride their motorcycles around campus… you name it! Watch the video below for a peek into this fascinating school.

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