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Winter Weather Flooding

Entire Missouri town evacuated as historic flooding rages on throughout the central US

March 20, 2019, 1:14:02 PM EDT

Historic river flooding rages on throughout much of the central United States following a 'bomb cyclone' that struck the region last week. More

Omaha Flood Station News

Plattsmouth Says Cut Water Usage By 30 Percent

PLATTSMOUTH - Plattsmouth officials are amending their water emergency order asking residents to voluntarily cut water use by 30 percent. The city is prohibiting lawn irrigation, washing down of driveways, filling of swimming pools, washing of vehicles, operating commercial car washes and other outdoor uses. Restaurants are being required to serve water only on request and only if they use single serving table settings and glasses. … More

Husker baseball handles Air Force to complete midweek sweep More

Sheldon Surveys Damage: “It's Much, Much Worse Than 2011” More

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