AccuWeather Announces Special Year-End Bonus and Other Investments to Cap a Year of Strong Financial Performance, Superior Accuracy

December 26, 2017; 3:02 PM

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Company acts to reinvest in AccuWeather employees and in strategic initiatives to drive future growth and product innovation.

AccuWeather Global Weather Center - December 26, 2017 - AccuWeather, the world's fastest-growing provider of forecasts and warnings and a global leader in digital media and weather-related big data, today announced it is pleased to be providing special year-end bonuses to all employees. AccuWeather said the bonuses are possible due to the company's robust financial performance in 2017 and strong confidence in the growing U.S. and global economy now that the Tax Bill has passed.

AccuWeather's proven Superior Accuracy™, demonstrated again time after time during recent severe weather, snow storms and during the catastrophic 2017 hurricanes, has resulted in significant growth as more individuals and businesses around the world rely on AccuWeather forecasts to make better decisions and keep out of harm's way. AccuWeather's bonus for employees is a recognition of that success.

AccuWeather's announcement of a bonus to employees has been reflected in similar bonus announcements made by many of its partners, customers and vendors.

The bonus for each full-time AccuWeather employee is over and above other compensation, benefits and year-end bonuses to which employees may be entitled. In addition, AccuWeather plans to make significant investments in the 2018 fiscal year.

"I'm thrilled we are in a position to award all AccuWeather employees this year-end bonus," said AccuWeather Founder, President and Chairman, Dr. Joel N. Myers. "AccuWeather has achieved yet another year of substantial customer and financial growth - one of our best years yet - thanks to the diligence and commitment of each employee to deliver pinpoint forecasts and warnings with Superior Accuracy to help people and businesses prosper and avoid threats to their safety."

This year, Forecast Watch, in the most comprehensive study ever undertaken of forecast accuracy, confirmed that AccuWeather was the most accurate provider for forecasts in every category it verified.

Myers said providing those forecasts and getting crucial information to people who need it is key to AccuWeather's success. "We are dedicated to saving lives and keeping people out of harm's way by providing the most accurate weather forecasts and warnings. During this year's extraordinary hurricane season, we provided the best predictions and delivered the most comprehensive and complete warnings in advance of the impending hurricanes and their expected impacts, which we know saved thousands of lives. We are very proud of what our team achieved this year, and we look to building on that success to help more people in 2018 and beyond," Myers said.

"With our strong performance, coupled with growth in the U.S. and global economy, we are acting to reinvest in the AccuWeather team and strategic initiatives that drive future growth and product innovation," Myers said.

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Nearly 2 billion people worldwide rely on AccuWeather to help them plan their lives, protect their businesses, and get more from their day. AccuWeather provides hourly and Minute by Minute™ forecasts with Superior Accuracy™ with customized content and engaging video presentations available on smartphones, tablets, free wired and mobile Internet sites, connected TVs, and Internet appliances, as well as via radio, television, and newspapers. Established in 1962 by Founder, President, and Chairman Dr. Joel N. Myers - a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society who was recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs in American history by Entrepreneur Magazine's Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurs - AccuWeather also delivers a wide range of highly customized enterprise solutions to media, business, government, and institutions, as well as news, weather content, and video for more than 180,000 third-party websites.

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