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September 18, 2007

AccuWeather Names Barry Lee Myers Chief Executive Officer

Founder and President Dr. Joel N. Myers Assumes Expanded Strategic Role

(State College, PA, September 18, 2007 ) - AccuWeather, Inc. (www.accuweather.com) today announced that Barry Lee Myers has been named Chief Executive Officer.

As CEO, Barry Lee Myers assumes direct responsibility for the company's rapidly growing New Media initiatives in the wired and mobile web, as well as for the company's 24x7 Local AccuWeather Channel, which appears on digital cable in major markets nationwide. The company's CFO and Office of Legal Services also report to him. Barry Myers has already communicated an agenda for accelerating the company's strong growth path.

In announcing the promotion, Dr. Joel N. Myers, AccuWeather Founder, Chairman and President, said, "Barry has played a key role in our company's growth and also in our New Media initiatives since their inception. His promotion will ensure that these key areas continue to benefit from his insight and leadership and that the entire company has ongoing strong leadership in this era of exciting new technological and business opportunities. At the same time, this change will allow me personally to focus more on the identification of entrepreneurial opportunities and the articulation of the strategic vision for AccuWeather's long-term future."

Dr. Joel N. Myers, the company's founder, will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board and active President. In addition, the company's sales and marketing functions will continue to report to Dr. Joel N. Myers, with assistance in this area by the new CEO.

"AccuWeather's 45 years of business growth stem in large measure from our continuous focus on meeting customer needs with solutions that deliver unmatched value. My personal involvement with strategic partners, key customers, and our customer-facing sales and marketing functions will help to ensure that our future strategies are equally well positioned for our customers and the marketplace," Dr. Joel Myers said.

Barry Lee Myers has been an integral part and leading force of AccuWeather executive management since shortly after the company's founding and has most recently served as the company's Executive Vice President and General Counsel. He has been responsible for directing the strategic initiatives of the company and developing many of the company's acquisitions, major business relationships, and ground-breaking opportunities, including the Local AccuWeather Channel, now on the air in over thirty markets following its launch just over a year ago. Over the past two years he has been providing increased overall corporate leadership.

Prior to joining AccuWeather in a full-time role, Barry Lee Myers served for 18 years on the Graduate School faculty at Penn State as a member of its nationally recognized Smeal College of Business. Since 1990, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Commercial Weather Services Association, the weather industry's trade association, serving as the industry's chief federal-relations officer. Barry Lee Myers is recognized as an expert in weather information exchange and public/private relationships in the weather field. He also has served as advisor to the Director of the U.S. National Weather Service at the U.N. World Meteorological Organization Meetings in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dr. Barry Lee Myers received both his bachelor of science in business administration and economics and his master in business (ABD) from Penn State. His J.D. is from the Boston University School of Law.

About AccuWeather.com

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  • AccuWeather Issues Statement of Apology to National Weather Service Employees

    1/17/2019 11:42:59 PM

    An article was published today on AccuWeather.com to reassure consumers and businesses that, despite some media reports, there has been no degradation to the accuracy of our weather forecasts due to the government shutdown. Additionally, the article indicated that National Weather Service forecasters, despite not being paid, continued to issue life-saving weather warnings to protect people and property across the country, and the necessary data continues to flow through government sources. This intent was not well communicated through the article.

  • Barry Lee Myers Steps Down from AccuWeather

    1/4/2019 9:11:32 AM

    Chief Executive Officer Barry Lee Myers has stepped down as officer and director of AccuWeather and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, effective January 1, 2019. Myers was nominated in late 2017 by President Trump to become Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. In accordance with the ethics pledge from Myers to the U.S. Office of Government Ethics and in his testimony and comments made to the U.S. Senate, he has fulfilled his commitment to fully divest himself from AccuWeather and from any and all related interests.