What is Freezing Fog?

Photo: Amy Woodward

From the National Weather Service in Jackson, Ky.:

Freezing fog occurs when the water droplets that the fog is composed of are "supercooled." Supercooled water droplets remain in the liquid state until they come into contact with a surface upon which they can freeze. As a result, any object the freezing fog comes into contact with will become coated with ice. The same thing happens with freezing rain or drizzle.

The after-effects of frozen fog, as photographed by Flickr user Amy Woodward. "Woke up to this winter wonderland which, according to the weatherman, is caused by frozen fog. The air was filled with sparkles as it melted off the trees."

More Weather Glossary

  • Hoar Frost

    After a cold, clear winter night without much wind, the ground and nearby tree branches may be covered by tiny, white ice crystals.

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