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Warm and Stormy Now, Cold To Return

February 21, 2013; 7:15 PM ET

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  • Stormy Setup I-40 and North

    July 2, 2015; 10:30 PM ET

    The storm track will stay stuck between I-40 and the Mason-Dixon Line for a while, leading to a stormy pattern with severe storm and flood concerns. Typical summer heat and humidity elsewhere!

  • Some Stormy This Weekend, Others Hotter

    June 30, 2015; 9:45 PM ET

    A front will spend most of the next week stalled across the area between I-40 and the Mason Dixon Line, so that area will stay unsettled. Farther south, hotter times are ahead, but no extreme heat.

  • More Tolerable Temperatures, Stormy Areas

    June 27, 2015; 8:00 PM ET

    The heat is done for a long while. Regular fronts moving through parts of the south will cause stormy spells with some areas more favored than others.

  • Blessed Relief In the Southeast! Some Texas Rains ...

    June 26, 2015; 7:00 PM ET

    Today will be the last day of extreme heat in the Southeast as cooler air is headed south, the front leading it causing drama along the way. That front will lead to more soakings in parts of Texas.

  • Heat Relief Coming, Hang In There!

    June 23, 2015; 9:30 PM ET

    Intense heat will continue in the Southeast the rest of the workweek with typical heat back in Texas and Oklahoma. Cooler air will arrive this weekend and there will be some drama during the transition to cooler.

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