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Tropical Corner: Getting Busier

July 6, 2013; 6:00 PM ET

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  • Texas Hot, Florida Wet, Southeast Decent

    July 24, 2015; 1:00 AM ET

    West of the Mississippi the heat gets worse this weekend while farther east it's not too bad. Get ready for soaking rains in parts of Florida. Heat will expand east again soon.

  • Heat Rebuilds In Texas, Relatively Cool Southeast

    July 22, 2015; 10:15 PM ET

    The heat has backed off a little back in Texas but it comes back even worse the rest of the workweek into the weekend. In the Southeast, the heat is easing and the break will continue for a while.

  • Cooler and Stormy Southeast, Hot Texas

    July 20, 2015; 9:15 PM ET

    Little change from yesterday, an upper ridge has an iron grip on the weather in Texas while cooler air is headed to the Southeast along with some storms. The tropics mostly remain quiet for now.

  • West of the Mississippi To Simmer, Relief Farther East

    July 19, 2015; 7:30 PM ET

    Most places west of the Mississippi River will simmer like a pot of chili this week, but the heat will ease again over much of the Southeast. The tropical Atlantic remains quiet, but there's some action in the East Pacific.

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