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    Sep 25, 2016; 2:43 PM ET
Short-Range Weather forecast overview for the Northwest United States
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    CBS12 Chico

    New helmet technology sheds light on concussions

    New helmet technology sheds light on concussions

    The Friday night lights will illuminate high school football stadiums across the country this evening -- while new helmet technology is shedding light on one of football's long-time concerns... concussions.

    One Florida school district has outfitted every single high school football player with new "smart" helmets that track and measure blows to players' heads.

    When the Matanzas pirates faced their rival the Flagger Palm Coast Bulldogs one recent Friday night.

    It was also the first time each player on the field wore special helmets that recorded blows to the head... then sent the information like a text to trainers with alert monitors on the sidelines...

     "If our monitor goes off, we have to step off the field."

     The Riddell i helmets measure the severity of the impact -- as well as where it occurs on the head.

     It’s not designed to prevent or diagnose concussions.... it's simply an extra set of eyes that may help identify them.

     "When the game is going on - there's 22 guys out there, and it's very hard to pick out one specific blow, let alone, maybe multiple blows that happen on one play."

     17-thousand student athletes across the country are using the new technology.... including those at one of the biggest powerhouses in college football: the university of Texas.

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