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    Cool air will infiltrate the western U.S., promoting snow in the Rockies late Friday.
    Snow to bury Colorado following wave of cold air
    Black-legged ticks

    Lyme disease signs and symptoms: When should you seek medical care?

    April 16, 2017, 5:20:15 AM EDT

    A rash and flu-like symptoms may indicate you've contracted Lyme disease. more

    ABC 30 Fresno Headlines

    Family of shooting spree victim says they don't blame suspected shooter's family

    Eight days ago Rosie Wagner saw a Downtown Fresno shooting spree on TV. She was unknowingly watching coverage of her son's death-- and not long after from police she heard the news. More

    Authorities investigating a homicide in Kings County More

    Suspect in stolen car shot by police in Woodlake More

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