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    Sep 27, 2016; 3:00 AM ET
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    CBS12 Chico

    Locals weigh in on first Presidential Debate

    Locals weigh in on first Presidential Debate

    Bars and restaurants across the country hosted watch parties for the debate.  Here in the North State, Trump supporters gathered at Round Table Pizza in Chico while Clinton supporters met at the Butte County Democratic Office.
    The first presidential debate is in the books.  Butte County Democrats and Republicans both said they thought it was a good debate, but Trump supporters said he made a better connection with the country.

    Lincoln says, "Trump did a much better job at speaking to the American public.  I thought the words he used, the phrases he used, the sentences, they were much more real."

    While Hillary supporters say the opposite, they believe Trump is just here to argue.

    Mullholland says, "She looks friendly, she looks presidential, she looks prepared.  I think Trump is making a big mistake by getting into temporal arguments."
    But with a wealth of experience in the business world, those in favor of Trump believe he can get the country's economy back on track.

    Lincoln says, "There are a lot of people hurting in this economy and he kept bringing it up and I think that it really resonates with the American people and they want someone who's going to save them."

    But Democrats say if there were any polling done immediately following the debate, they believe Clinton would be favored.

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