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    Run Right into Spring

    By By Maria King
    April 02, 2013, 2:46:59 AM EDT


    Well, it is official, spring is here. It is that time of year we shake off the lethargy of winter and get out and smell the fresh air. At my house, it’s actually time to get out and see what kind of outdoor projects I need to do now that the weather is getting nice, sigh. I try to keep my eyes down going in and out but I can still see them; clean the gutters, feed the plants, clean out of leaves from the flower beds, put down new mulch, etc. Well, so much for getting out and enjoying the weather. I will be out in the fresh air, I just won’t be having too much fun.

    This week I found it to be one of the first big weekends for running events. While taking advantage of milder climates and roads minus ice and snow, running events move to the front of the events line this week. A few of the runs are one element of a larger event. Some are marathons and some are 5k runs; all are a great time for runners. In addition to the running events there are also lots of walking events taking place. A good percentage of the walking events are fundraisers through nationally known causes/charities such as the Jaycees, the March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society. Some of these even allow families, including children, to participate as teams. It is an excellent way to teach your children what it means to be part of a community and enjoy contributing in the effort of helping those less fortunate. I know I would be useless in a run, as I would most likely pass out after 15 minutes. However, if they needed a marker to show people where to stop I could try and land there when I fall over. But walking, I can walk forever. Well, almost.

    As always, I have tried to give an overview of events taking place throughout the U.S. this week. Run/ Walks are taking place in hundreds of locations. I highlighted the ones here because I felt they were a good representation of the different types walk/run events taking place. I know that most of these will take place in locales where you will not be able to attend or participate. But there are many events taking place near you this week. You can use the search box above to find things in your area and also you can sign up for our weekly free email of events in your backyard. Then you don’t have to search. All you have to do is read your email every Thursday to help you find great ideas for the weekend! Click here to see what's going on in your area

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