Ceretto: Art, Food and Barolo

Alba in Piedmont is a very small town, but it’s big in three areas: Art…. Food, being the world capital of black and white truffles and wine, producing world reknown Barolo right here. The Ceretto family in Alba is literally and seriously involved in all three areas. Established wine growers for 70 years they also own their own upscale restaurants and have enlisted major world artists to decorate their building. This never consecrated psychedelic chapel was painted by Saul Lewitt in 1999. Their winery is in nearby Castiglione Falletto, an old medieval town. However, true to their adventurous spirit they picked Turin architect De Abate to design their modern building with a glass cube for the tasting room. On these hills on 20 acres they produce three outstanding Barolos which have won the company many awards: Bricco Rocche, Prapo and Brunate. So for their Piazza Duomo restaurant they picked Enrico Crippa, an awarded chef who paints beautiful dishes in the kitchen and the artist Francesco Clemente who painted the walls. Of course their Barolo is always on the table. The Chef explains that the fresco, it represents happiness, the vineyard, nature and freedom. He also remembers that Clemente was painting with natural colors, made with flowers and natural herbs, so while painting the room always filled up with insects and bees which were following the scent as if they were in an open field instead of a room in the center of town.
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