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    Frank Strait

    White Christmas Odds Getting Better, Plus a Hypecast!!!

    12/22/2010, 5:14:28 AM

    6:45 p.m. Tuesday:

    Don't forget about the new comments setup, located below the video. Also, there's the fan page on Facebook to check out!

    Sorry folks, but if I approved every friend request I got on my personal page, I'd have 2,500 friends by now, and that just wouldn't be manageable. And there would be constant weather chat on my personal page, which is not what I want there (although there is some weather talk on there)... and I do want a lot of it on the fan page. So, I am not approving friend requests on my personal page unless I know ya! I do appreciate the interest, though.

    Double feature today!!! The hypecast is below the main video. More bowl picks are below that!

    Oh, and I have totally forgotten the bowl picks. I should have put one out a couple of days ago, so the Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl weather won't count in the final total. Sorry for being so slack.

    I'll try to put in some verification stats with the next bowl picks, which will be due tomorrow, since the Hawaii Bowl is on Christmas Eve.

    Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl (St. Petersburg, FL, 8:00 p.m Tuesday)

    Well, the weather sure is easy thanks to my slacking, as the game starts in an hour! 65ish for kickoff!

    I'm calling for Southern Miss to win this one. I'm impressed by their wins over Kansas, Houston, and UCF. They got beat by my Gamecocks, though, but that was the first game of the season for both teams. Also, any team that beats Louisiana Tech gets kudos from me. Louisville won't be a pushover, though. Look for 34-27. Weather: Mostly cloudy and 55 at kickoff! LOL!

    San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl (San Diego, CA, 8 p.m. Thursday)

    This is a tough one. My knee-jerk reaction says to pick Navy here, but they got beat by Air Force, while San Diego State beat them. However, we all know that football games are not transitive, and both games were close, anyway. Still, the Aztecs strength of schedule impresses me, even though they lost 3 of 4 against ranked teams... all the losses were close. The Aztecs are the ball bouncing their way a couple of times away from being in a much bigger bowl. I think that will show on the field and they beat Navy 33-20.

    The deluge will be over in Southern Cal by then. Look for partly sunny and 60 for a high in San Diego on Thursday. I am a little concerned that the day starts cloudy and foggy, though, and the clouds may be a little stubborn. If they are too stubborn, then I'll miss my forecast, because the high will bust. The kickoff temp should be about 57.

    The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of AccuWeather, Inc. or AccuWeather.com

    Frank Strait

    • A big soaking is on the way!

      A soaking rain next few days, just what we need!

      Frank Strait - December 03, 2016, 11:53:40 AM EST

      A storm moving into Texas this weekend will slowly drift through the South this coming week and tap into some tropical moisture. This will bring a lot of places a good soaking again, which is just what the doctor ordered! There will be some severe weather to deal with, however.

    • Another good soaking is on the way to a large part of the South!

      More rain coming for the next week, colder next weekend

      Frank Strait - December 02, 2016, 10:20:47 AM EST

      A slow-moving storm system will bring another soaking rain to a lot of the South Friday through early next week. After that, a front will bring one more chance for rain late next week followed by the first real cold spell of the season next weekend. The following week might be fun for some winter weather lovers.

    • Frank Strait

      Active weather pattern next seven to 10 days, hooray!

      Frank Strait - November 30, 2016, 9:02:57 AM EST

      It looks as though three storm systems will affect the South over the next week or so, which will produce some more desperately needed rainfall and lessen the wildfire risk. Unfortunately, with the rain will come more severe storm and tornado potential.

    • Frank Strait

      More needed rain is on the way!

      Frank Strait - November 29, 2016, 5:10:54 PM EST

      The front moving through the Southeast is just the first in a potential series of rainmakers, and thank God for that!

    • Frank Strait

      Dry through this weekend, then some rain chances next week

      Frank Strait - November 29, 2016, 5:09:02 PM EST

      We stay dry through this weekend, so at least there will be good weather for the holiday weekend.

    • GFS model rainfall forecast next week

      After Wednesday, dry for another week

      Frank Strait - November 29, 2016, 5:06:42 PM EST

      Most of the Southeast will stay entirely dry for another week, but a storm currently over the southern Plains states will send some rain into parts of the Southeast.

    • Frank Strait

      East Coast rain tonight; no more rain until the end of the week

      Frank Strait - November 13, 2016, 2:00:00 PM EST

      Some decent rain and even rumbles of thunder will affect areas along the East Coast tonight into tomorrow. But, the areas where the drought is most severe will stay bone-dry. A front moving through later this week and this weekend has a chance to bring many areas some rain but it may not be much. We're watching a feature in the Pacific for development and there remains concern for an Atlantic development this weekend.

    • Frank Strait

      Most places stay dry until later next week

      Frank Strait - November 12, 2016, 1:15:00 PM EST

      A weak storms system will take shape over the Carolinas and Georgia tonight and head north, bringing some welcome rain to some, but not enough to put any dent in the drought where it's been extremely dry. Most places will remain dry until a front arrives later next week or next weekend. That feature may not cause a lot of rain, either. We still are concerned about one more tropical development in the Caribbean.