Indian Ocean Typhoon & Tropical Storm Center

Kenneth about to make landfall; Lorna no threat to land; Possible Bay of Bengal cyclone brewing

As of Thursday, EDT, Intense Tropical Cyclone Kenneth is about to make landfall along the coast of Mozambique about 70 miles north of Pemba. Top sustained winds are 125-130 mph with gusts as high as 175 mph. The storm is moving toward the west-southwest at 12 mph. Potentially deadly impacts of destructive wind and excessive flooding rainfall and storm surge will lash northeastern Mozambique for the next 12 to 24 hours. Beyond that, potentially flooding rainfall can spread farther to the west and south over the next few days.

Also, Moderate Tropical Storm Lorna is centered over open seas about 950 miles east-southeast of Diego Garcia. Highest sustained winds are near 55 mph. Movement is 5 mph toward the southeast. Further strengthening will take place over the next day or two. However, the likely track toward the south and east will steer Lorna well away from any land.

Also, a weak tropical low is centered a few hundred miles east of Lorna. Development of this low is being suppressed by Lorna which is located several hundred miles to the west; as such, significant strengthening is not expected. The low should eventually be drawn into the larger circulation of Lorna by the weekend.

Lastly, a developing tropical low is taking shape in the northern Indian Ocean to the west of northern Sumatra. This low has been identified as a well marked low pressure area by the India Meteorological Department and is likely to strengthen and could develop into a tropical cyclone late in the week or this weekend. A track to the northwest may eventually threaten areas from Sri Lanka to the east coast of India.

By AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist John Gresiak

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